Crystalline Lens changes - Cataracts

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The Crystalline Lens is the lens in your eye that helps focus the light onto the retina in order for you to see. This lens changes as we get older and results in some of the  age-related changes described here.


As these changes become more significant they start to affect vision; then they are described as cataracts.


Click on the picture above to see a simple animation of the development of cataract, cataract surgery and YAG laser that may be needed post cataract surgery. (From the Good Hope Eye Clinic)




Brighton & Hove NHS Cataract Pathway Registered

All of our Optometrists are trained and registered with Brighton & Hove NHS to refer patients directly for cataract surgery since the start of the scheme in 2004.


Alternatively, we would be happy to discuss further should you wish to be seen privately.

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