Vision & Spectacle Refraction



Vision - "the faculty or state of being able to see"


In simple terms, how well you see - this can be without or with your spectacles (and noted accordingly.)


Your Vision may not be the same as your Visual Acuity!



Refractive Error - "Defect in the ability of light to focus accurately

                                 onto the retina."


Most people have some refractive error. More importantly, is whether it needs correcting or not.


Visual Acuity - "Sharpness of vision"


Your Visual Acuity is the best you can see when fully corrected.



Spectacle Refraction - "The dioptric power required to achieved best



The strength of the spectacle lenses required to achieve maximum vision and comfort.


Vision Standards

Some activities and jobs LEGALLY require you to meet specific vision standards - the most notable is driving - and it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the legal standards, failing to do so is an offence!


Other licences and activities that require different vision standards to be met include:

  1. Drivers - Lorry & Bus drivers
  2. Flying - Private & commercial Pilots
  3. Railways - Train Drivers & Conductors
  4. Police & Armed Forces
  5. Motor & Other Sports
  6. Seafearers

Recent news:

Drivers failing vision requirements

Regular Eye Tests For Drivers Could Save Lives

A recent survey by Road safety charity BRAKE showed that:

  1. 26% of drivers did not have an eye tested in last 2 years
  2. 3% never had an eye test
  3. and 9% who need glasses fail to wear them on every journey


Drivers failing to ensure that their vision is good enough to drive result in an estimated 2,900 road casualities a year!


Drivers' have their licences revoked under new law

Driving in Europe and Abroad?

Are you going to be driving whilst abroad?


Do you need to wear spectacles for driving?


Be aware, of the legal requirements for driving in the country that you will be visiting.


Do you know that in some European countries it is a LEGAL requirement to have a spare pair of glasses with you. France, Portugal and Spain (there is an on-the-spot fine for not having one) to name a few.



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