Children and Contact Lenses

From what age can children start wearing contact lenses?

The most clinically significant study to answer this question was the C.L.I.P. Study (Contact Lenses in Paediatrics) carried out in 2007. This Study gave two important findings:


1.After wearing contct lenses for 3 months, there was no difference in the health of the eyes between children aged 8-12 and teenagers aged 13-17.

2. The ONLY difference between the two groups was that on average, the 8-12 year olds took 10-15 minutes longer to learn how to handle their contact lenses.


Success & Starting with Contact Lenses

The greatest factors for childrens sucess with contact lenses are Motivation & Parental support.


When is the right time to start? Simple... when you are ready!


We are here to advise and guide you through this life changing step. When you feel you're ready, contact us and we will be happy to discuss further with you & your parents abut suitability.



Benefits of Contact Lenses

No glasses fogging up, getting rained on, moving about on your face or worse still... getting broken!


Over 65% of people report improvements in their performance in their activities with contact lenses




Generally, contact lenses give bettter vision, but crucially peripheral (side) vision and dept perception is better with contact lenses than spectacles; this helps improve awareness and enhances performance.


About 75% of people feel that they receive a more positive reaction from people when wearing contact lenses and the same group said that they preferred wearing contact lenses to spectacles.


In a three year study with children aged 8 to 11, those who wore contact lenses,rated their self-perception of their physical appearance, their athletic competence and their social acceptance higher than children who wore spectacles!


What Risks are there?

Contact Lens wear is NOT without risks!


The main risk with wearing contact lenses is getting an eye infection, and affects about 1 in 10,000 wearers per year.


Poor hygiene and sleeping with lenses are the main causes as they increase the risk by 4 times!


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