There's more to DRY EYES than using drops... See how we can help!

Do your Eyes...?

  • Feel Dry / Sore / Itchy
  • Feel Scratchy / Gritty
  • Always seem to look red
  • Sting / Burn
  • Water a lot
  • Have blurry vision
  • Have mucus discharge
  • Get irritated with wind / smoke
  • Stick together on waking
  • Get lid infections / styes


Dry Eyes?

You are not alone!     Do you know that...

More than two thirds of us will suffer with symptoms of Dry Eyes at some point in our lives and that the physical & psychological impact to the quality of life of someone suffering from Dry eyes has been akin to someone suffering from moderate angina! because of the impact in time lost from work, social and recreational activities.

Your Tears

And the layer it forms contributes to some of the most vital and important roles for your vision & the comfort of your eyes.

Poor tears can cause unstable / blurred vision, feelings of discomfort, and can  result in damage to the cornea, (the clear surface of your eyes) which in turn can increase the risk for eye infections.


The Oculus K5 is an instrument that has been specifically designed to help investigate and manage Dry Eye problems.

Using the K5 we are able to image parts of the eye that are involved with making components of your tears. We can assess the quality, quantity and performance of the tear layer, as well as objectively grade the redness of your eyes and determine if any damage is being done to the surfaces of the eye.

With the information we get from the K5 and other investigations, we are able to identify the possible cause(s) for your Dry Eye problem, we can grade the severity of the problem and establish a base line to monitor the success of a tailored management plan specific for yourself.


A Holistic Approach


There  is no “magic cure” for dry eyes, but with a full clinical investigation using some of the latest technology to objectively determine the type and severity of dry eye that you have, we can give you the most up-to-date advice for its management including dietary and environmental changes, as well as recommend the most suitable products available, (including punctum plugs if necessary) so that the uncomfortable symptoms of your dry eyes can be very successfully  managed.



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Dry Eye Symptoms

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