Your Childrens Eyes

After birth, children's eyes are still developing.


Early detection and treatment of an eye problem can have a lifetime impact.

Children are often unaware of issues with their eyes and vision, and many eye problems may not

give rise to any symptoms.          


Did you know?

1. About 1 in 5 school-aged children have an undiagnosed visison



2. Over 80% of how a child learns is vision-related


3. About 60% of students identified as "problem learners" have

    undetected vision problems


4. 84% of parnets agree that improved vision would have a positive

    impact on their child's performance at school; Yet...


5. Only 53% of children have ever had an eye examination as compared

    to 90% who have visited a dentist!


Is there a FAMILY history...?

If there is a family history of eye problems, such as " a "Lazy" eye or binocular vision problems, then children would be at a higher risk of developing one also.


Good eyesight is crucial to developing socially and to the best of ones ability, so, it's improtant for them to have an eye examination, especially if you are concerned.


It's not True!

Children do not need to know their alphabet to be able to have their eyes tested.


Babies even younger than 6 months of age can be examined by a suitably trained Optometrist.



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