Anterior Eye Examination

A thorough eye examination includes investigation of the external areas and the anterior (front) of your eyes, including:


The areas around your eyes


Your Lashes


Lids and lid margins


The conjunctiva ("whites of the eyes")


The blood vessels on the conjunctiva


Your tear layer (including quality and auantity)


The cornea (the clear part in fron of the pupils)


The iris (the coloured area of your eye)




Anterior eye imaging

Our clinical equipment includes facility to capture images (both photo & video) of the front of your eyes so that we can document any pecularities noted during examination for future comparison.




Case example

"Simple" inward growing eyelashes can cause occasional irritation and discomfort because of it rubbing on the surfaces of the eye (cornea and conjunctiva.) Without careful examination of the external of the eye it could be easily missed and those symptoms that you experience not explained or dismissed.

Ingrowing Eyelashes

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