Fundus Examination

We call the "inside area of the back of your eye" the fundus and having your eyes examined includes investigation of this area, including:


The optic disc

(where the nerve fibres meet inside the eye to form the optic nerve, this is the area where glaucoma damages)


The macula and fovea

(the most sensitive part that allows yo to see detail, the area that is affected by macular degeneration)


The blood vessels

(The eye's fundus is the only part in the human body where the microcirculation can be observed directly. Diseases that affect these areas include diabetes and high blood pressure)


Overall appearance

The general colour and pigmentation of tissue as well as any pecularities, for example, naevi (also called moles or pigment spots) can be observed.



Fundus view

There are different instruments that we will use to examine your fundi. These include:


An Ophthalmoscope

(A hand held instrument)


A Slit-lamp (with auxillary lens)

(A slit-lamp is a table mounted instrument that looks like a horizontal microscope)


A Binocular headset

(It may look "a bit scary and sci-fi like" BUT is really only a bright light and built-in optics in a head mount so we have our hands free!)


Occasionally, the view that we get may not be sufficient. If that is the case, then your optometrist may request and additional procedure called fundus ditaton be done.


Fundus Photography

We'd love to take your picture....

Our Practice took and used fundus photos for the care of our patients since the days of Polaroid instant film!


We upgraded to digital in the 1990's and continue to use this diagnostic tool routinely since.


Fundus photography is included as standard in our Private eye examinations.


(*Additional charges apply to NHS patients)

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