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What’s Next?

After your brilliant eye examination with us, what happens next?

One of our dispensing opticians will discuss your prescription, lifestyle and vocational needs to find the best ophthalmic solutions for you.

Couple Wearing Glasses

Lenses(es) Noun (pl):

A curved piece of glass, plastic, or other transparent material, used in cameras, glasses, and scientific equipment, that makes objects seem closer, larger, smaller, etc.”

We want your glasses lenses to do a whole lot more!

There are so many manufacturers with multiple lens designs, materials and coatings to choose from, let us use our expertise and experience to help you choose what best suits your needs.

As an Independent Opticians, we can get any lens from any manufacturer, from anywhere in the world.

Frames Frames Frames…

Different colours, styles, sizes and shapes… So many to choose from to suit your individual style! You’ll be spoilt for choice and find it difficult to narrow it down!

So many to choose from

Our collection is constantly changing, keeping up with new trends, as we regularly see glasses frame suppliers to ensure the latest in frame fashion.

We have a large and spectacular range of frames from many known designers including Prodesign, Lacoste, William Morris, Calvin Klein, Mango and Pull & Bear to name but a few!

Our frames include ranges for everyone – for all ages, including new-borns.

For young children, we stock the brilliant Miraflex range. The Italian designed frames are made from BPA free, latex-free, rubber free, hypoallergenic plastic, and have no metal parts making them the safest (and unbreakable!) option for your child. They are available in 26 different colours, making it easy to find a pair your child will love.

More than just Glasses!

Glasses are for more than just vision correction, that’s just one aspect to your eye care.

Lenses are there for UV protection, eye protection, vision enhancement for sports and visual aids for individuals with vision impairment.

Vision Aids

Coping with vision loss is challenging.

We have a number of optical appliances to help to manage with day to day living just that bit easier.


If you wear glasses full time, What about sun protection?

We have frames specially designed and perfect for glazing your prescription into sunglasses.

What’s your Sport?

We stock a range of sporting vision corrections for a huge variety of sports as well as precision tints to enhance vision when playing.

Prescription scuba masks for diving, prescription swimming goggles, shooting glasses as well as a large range of sports goggles suitable for football and rugby and racquet sports.

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