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Eye Tests

What We Check

At Barnard Optometrists, we provide clinically thorough eye examinations tailored toward your individual needs.

Your Eye Examination with our highly experienced Optometrists may take up to an hour, afterwards, the most important part – formulating your Management Plan – when we spend the time with you to discuss your results, offer advice on vision correction (if needed), and answer any questions that you may have about your eyes and their health.


To determine how well you see and whether a correction may get you to see more clearly.

Eye Co-Ordination

To ensure your eyes can move and work together correctly as a pair.

Eye Health

We will examine your eyes externally and internally for any conditions that may specifically affect your eyes.

General Health

Our examinations may reveal more than just eye health but also other systemic or neurological conditions that may affect your general health.

What We Use

Our Equipment

An eye examination with us includes the use of specialist equipment to image your eyes.

This allows us to see small subtle changes to your eyes which provides us with a base-line for your future care, helps us identify conditions sooner and so enable successful management or treatment.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) uses light waves to take cross-section scans of the retina -similar to an ultrasound but using light.

These images give us a 3-dimensional view of the layers of the back with a resolution of 5 microns (a red blood cell is typically 6-8 microns in diameter).

These images enable us to identify small changes to the eye, which can indicate the onset of some eye diseases, including glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

Barnard Optometrists was the first practice in Sussex (including the Sussex Eye Hospital) to have this technology and we have over 10 years’ experience interpreting and explaining scans.

508 Carl Zeiss


Traditional retinal photography only captures about 40° (about 10-15%) of the retina in one picture.

Our Optomap camera uses unique technology, to take a wide-angle panoramic image of up 200° (about 80%) of the retina in one picture, this wide-angle image enables us to document and identify a large range of peripheral retinal conditions, including naevi, peripheral retinal degenerative areas, retinal tears and holes and diabetic retinopathy.


Humphrey visual field analyser

The Humphrey visual field analyser is the “Gold” standard for visual field examination, which is an integral test in helping to detect and monitor a variety of eye and neurological conditions.

We perform visual fields as standard for our private eye examinations.

Humphrey Field Analyzer

NHS Sight Tests

Some people are entitled to a free NHS sight test.

To check your eligibility please visit the NHS website.

How to Use Your NHS Optical Vouchers

If you qualify for NHS help, you may use your contribution from the NHS either towards a full eye examination with us, or just the basic NHS Sight Test.

Contact our reception team to book your appointment.